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The Way You Eat Your Pizza Says a Lot About Your Personality. Here’s How

According to the experts, the manner in which we do certain things such as eating pizza can say a lot about our personality. The type of pizza you order also say a lot about your personality, the way you choose to eat it, say more about you. This article by Phoenix pizza & wings specials will enlighten you on what personality type you are on the basis of how you eat your pizza.

  • If you eat it using fork and knife

Unless you have ordered a deep dish pizza, it is totally useless to eat a pizza with a fork and knife. But, still many people prefer to use a knife and fork in order to eat a pizza. This tradition was originated in Italy where the pizza didn’t use to be pre cut, like the same is expected from the pizza made in the US as well. The people still used hands for to eat pizza in the most casual of the situations.

What it says about you: when eating pizza with a fork and knife, know that you are quite traditional, you have a classy personality. You don’t like to soil your hands and value the use of utensils very much.

  • If you fold it and eat it

Some people say that folding pizza is a sacrilegious approach, but there are people who swear by this method. Folding the pizza approach was originated in the tri state area where the triangular pizzas are bigger in size and the folding technique was a must in order to fit the pizza in your mouth, making no mess.

What this says about you: you belong to New York or tri state area. Your life is always on the go, it never stops. You live a fast paced lifestyle, you love practical art and multitasking.

  • If you simply pick up and bite

This is a sign of a typical pizza eater. These are the people who order it, look at it, grab a slice and just bite it. You don’t overthink, you don’t follow the latest pizza eating trends.

What this says about you: you don’t care much about the world. You don’t overthink on any style of pizza eating. You just make the most of it by simply picking it up and eating it.

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