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Reasons Why Orlando Restaurants Are Gaining A Lot of Attention

Orlando restaurants are mentioned in several magazines and received awards that have helped them garner immense recognition throughout the world. Let us learn some interesting things about these restaurants that make them popular worldwide.

Mango is a perfect place to relish Orlando tropical dinners. It is a tropical café that has twenty-nine years of experience their guests with authentic and delectable cuisines. Be it their desert specialty “Chocolate Ecstasy”, or delicious soups, and classic salads, the restaurant has all that you look forward to.

Talented Chefs

One of the main reasons behind their growing popularity on an international level is because of their current wine scene, and vibrant food. They also have an expanding list of critically acclaimed self-run restaurants and highly trained chefs. Five of these chefs at these restaurants have even been nominated for the prestigious James Beard Awards this year.

Diversification in food

Talking about the food, the restaurant offers a diverse range of cuisines from several cultures and countries. It is an ideal place for the dining public that includes locals, as well as visitors.  Some of their popular cuisines that this restaurant serves include dozens of Indian, Korean, and Thai restaurants.

Here are a few popular dishes that you can enjoy at this restaurant: Sushi, carved chicken breast, lobster-stuffed ravioli, hot-smoked Florida cobia, crab cakes, a buttermilk potato cake, and Canaveral Red Shrimp.


Another important thing that makes the restaurant special is the quality that they offer to people. The chefs at these restaurants pay a lot of attention to the quality of ingredients, and the quality of swordfish, tuna, shrimp, scallops, and other types of seafood that they use to prepare some of the finest culinary items in the world.

International Recognition

Wine Enthusiast has included Orlando restaurants in their list of top ten Best Wine Travel Destinations of the year. The NY Times has listed it at the thirteenth place in the top 50 travel destinations in 2015.

Restaurants in Orlando are known for its exciting restaurants and dynamic food scene and have won the title of “Best New Restaurant in America” by Esquire magazine’s Food & Drink Awards.


These are some of the best reasons why restaurants in Orlando are gaining a lot of attention from the media. With the highly creative culinary community, and revered, and exceptionally talented chefs, these restaurants are worthy of global attention.

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