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A Great Brunch Experience and Brunch Etiquette Goes Hand in Hand

Ever since 1960s, brunch has been a casual affair. It is a meal taken in the late morning or early afternoon. The word brunch resonates with avant-garde foods, mimosas, bellini and expensive drinks. When someone asks you out for a brunch it is more like a casual invite which shouldn’t stop you from being mindful of the etiquette. Follow these etiquette rules during your next brunch.

Wait to enter until the restaurant is open:

The kitchen staff, bartenders and servers need to be ready to provide their best service. They will have to brew coffee, set tables and prepare food.   If the restaurant you are visiting opens for brunch at 10am, wait until the opening time. If you insist on taking a seat before that, the staff would have to set aside their duties to serve your requests.

Stick to ordering from the brunch menu:

It is not ok to order something from the dinner menu. Restaurants may have change of staff during dinnertime and the current staff may not be able to prepare dinner food. Avoid putting the chefs at a tough situation. If you are visiting American Social Bar for brunch in Orlando, check out their extensive brunch menu. You are spoilt for choices in the brunch menu and they also offer live music entertainment.

  • Do not ask for a Frappuccino: If the menu includes espresso, latte and cappuccino, stick to ordering one among these three. There is a reason they have a menu printed. The restaurant may not have the required ingredients.
  • Don’t build a customised brunch plate: Check the menu first before going, ‘Two eggs, bacon and pancake’. Though on the surface it doesn’t sound like a big deal, it takes time to cater to special requests which slows down service.
  • Refrain from being an egg diva: It is understandable that everyone likes having their egg a certain way. If your menu lists as item as ‘Two potato eggs, hollandaise, cake, petite salad’, avoid asking them to make the eggs a preferred way like sunny side up.

Don’t spur tension over Upcharges:

Before you order a substitute item, confirm with the staff about its price. You could be charged more for special requests. It doesn’t sound reasonable losing your temper with the server for overcharges.

Don’t tip less:

Some are of the mentality that it is okay to tip less since it is after all ‘just lunch’. Be it dinner or brunch, the staff team is busy serving everyone. Treat brunch just like how would treat other meals.

Don’t set up you own little camp with your friends after having food especially during busy hours. Move to a different place to avoid leaving others waiting. Enjoy your brunch without putting the restaurant management in a tough spot.

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