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How to Determine the Best Standard of a Steakhouse?

It is often easier to spot the quality of a steak provided you know the types of cuts, USDA grades and the types of steaks. When it comes to steakhouses there are traditional steakhouses which are even a century old and serve traditional steaks the same way as it was served a hundred year back so to say in an organic and potential way and original style. You can also find many emerging steakhouses with modern and sophisticated technological combinations serving different purposes like hosting seminars, meetings, events etc. The question is how to determine the standard of a steakhouse that would serve the best, delicious, tender and juicy steak that is not only tasty but also healthier like Ribnreef.

The first step towards determining the quality and standard of an ideal steakhouse may be the classy décor of the steakhouse. You can compare through the dark woodwork and leather booths to clean and white tablecloths, full of bright light décor of the steakhouses. However, fancy-looking may not be the only indication to determine the standard of a steakhouse. Many people eventually prefer classic looking environment provided the steaks are good.

Many people determine the best steakhouse based on its menu especially if the menu contains steaks like rib eye, filet mignon and obviously the New York strip. However, these steaks intensify the flavour if they are dry ageing. So, the key point of determining the standard of steakhouse is the dry ageing. The dray ageing is best if it is limited to 28 days. Good steakhouse servers should be able to explain the temperature by which the steak is cooked along with other details like where they come from, their age, how they were raised and what they were fed etc.

 You can make out the quality of steakhouse by its traditional sides. Good steakhouses emphasize the classic sides like Caesar salad, baked or Lyonnaise potatoes, oyster on the half shell, or simple prepared vegetables like asparagus, roasted brussels sprouts etc.

The fourth indicator to determine the quality of a standard steakhouse is through stiff and simple drinks it serves beyond the menu. Most customers both affluent, as well as conscious citizens, fall in love with the drinks that are available in a steakhouse served with various tender and flavourful steaks. At least a simple wine list is often felt essential to determine the steakhouse as one of the best.

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