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Five Tips to Comfortably Make an Order at a Seafood Restaurant

So you have decided to splurge on seafood and want to visit a good restaurant soon. However, if it is your first time dining at one of the restaurants near anthem az, you may not know what to choose. Once you get the menu, the list of options can overwhelm you if you don’t know what to order when you get there. Fortunately, the tips below can help you feel more comfortable getting the best dish for your cravings and palate:

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

If there are any seafood items you are not familiar with, don’t just scratch your head. Instead, ask the server about it and how they make that dish. This should give you an idea of whether or not that dish suits your taste. You want to be served with the best entree for your preferences.

Know where they Source their Seafood

The best seafood restaurant will settle only the freshest variety of seafood. They should be able to tell you where they got their raw products. Most sought-after restaurants will source their seafood from the local fishermen. In general, the catch of the day is the freshest option. Often, seafood restaurants have tanks where live crustaceans are there for you to choose from. Educating yourself will ensure you will have a great eating experience.

Tell the Staff about Allergies

In case you are allergic to certain seafood, you must understand how the restaurant has been preparing their dishes. Be upfront about your allergies or concerns with the waitstaff. They should be able to give recommendations and those you should avoid on the menu. Thus, if you are allergic to shellfish, you should avoid a pasta dish that includes shellfish.

Pick Dishes Laden in Flavor

Generally, seafood is quite filling and nutritious. However, you need to beware of the restaurant’s preparation method. While buttered and fried fish can be delicious, these options add calories and fat. The best restaurant knows how to bring out the seafood’s natural flavors without drowning it in sauces or overcooking it.

Learn About Different Terms

When you read the restaurant menu, you will usually come across terms such as deep-fried, poached, battered, buttered, pan-fried, sautéed, and others. In fact, some restaurants will have strange names for their dishes. At first, these terms can be confusing to you. However, the wait staff should be willing to give you a quick primer on the terms you don’t understand.

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