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How to Have the Best Experience at a Sushi Restaurant

Whether it’s your first time to dine in at a sushi restaurant or you have been eating sushi for a while, ordering can be quite intimidating. A lot of items in the menu are in Japanese and there are many etiquette rules you may not understand. That is why a good read can help you prepare for your next Nobu Sushi experience. Keep reading to know some tips to eat sushi at a restaurant like a pro:

Get a Front-Row Seat

This may sound a crazy idea especially if it’s your first time in the restaurant or with sushi. But, getting a front-row seat will let you benefit from the enhanced care given to the food served to you.  Also, this seat will make it easier for you to interact with the chef if you any friendly questions. Sometimes, showing a genuine interest in their dishes can let you earn free food.

Make it Easy for your Server

Your server is there to ensure you have a good experience at their restaurant, so trust them. You can choose to leave your order up to the chef.  Thus, the chef has the creative freedom to give you a memorable experience. This style of ordering is called Omakase and you can have this style when you know the restaurant exercises creativity in its menu. But, you can also prefer to make decisions yourself. Just let your server know about your preferences such as in terms of intensity and texture.

Order a Few Things at Once

Do not think that ordering nigiri and sashimi at once makes you look like a sushi pro. However, professionals don’t really do it. They actually order a few things at once so you can make honest reactions that can guide your server in ensuring you get flavors that match your palate.

Know that Wasabi and Soy Sauce are Not a Default when Ordering Sushi

The majority of sushi chefs want you to enjoy the authentic taste and flavor of their creations without the need to bath them in a pool of soy sauce or wasabi. The sauce can overwhelm the flavor. Thus, if your sushi is not served with the sauce, don’t think the server has forgotten it. It’s just probably the way it is.

Start with the Basic Rolls

Sushi rolls with plenty of different types of fish or rainbow sauces will make it difficult for you to appreciate the individual flavors. When you visit a sushi restaurant, start with basic umeshiso maki which is a roll with shiso leaves and plum paste or the tuna roll called tekka maki.

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