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Web Design For Restaurants: Check The Top Tips Here!

If you are a restaurateur, you should consider launching a website as soon as possible. Gone are times when people asked around or check on Yelp for information. Today, they are more likely to check reviews, look for the menu online and find other details like business hours before coming to a new restaurant. Also, having a website ensures that your restaurant gets the right amount of exposure online, which can help in branding. In case you are wondering how to create a website for your restaurant, we have some tips listed below for a better-looking portal.

Make the website navigable

Navigation is one aspect that many web designers forget to address. No matter whether you choose a ready theme or want to customize the entire design, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that people find the right information on the website and without trying too much. You don’t really need much in terms of pages, except for Menu, Location, Events, About the Restaurant, and Reviews. As long as people find details they need, they will come back.

Choose the color mix wisely

Restaurants need to present food pictures in a presentable and appetizing way, and the color saturation of the photos does matter. In that context, you don’t want to use a background or font color that will take away attention from the actual content. Restaurant themes often have colors like black, white, red and brown, but it really depends on the kind of design you want. It would be safe to say that you don’t want too many colors at the same time, and keep the font as simple and readable as possible, although you can choose something beyond a flat one. The ambience of your restaurant and branding elements can also influence the design and color mix.

Leave room for connection

From a special feedback or review section, to a contact form, you want people to interact with the website and spend some time enjoying the restaurant’s menu. Make sure that the website has enough social media buttons for people to like and share. Also, ensure that you reply to the comments and express your views, even when the reviews are not as favorable.

Finally, do NOT use stock photos for your restaurant. People would come to your diner for an authentic experience, and you would want to offer a slice of that experience on the website as well.

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