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Top tips for arranging a corporate event in Northampton

As you plan a corporate event in Northampton, the most important factor to consider is the event type. Your corporate event could be a luncheon, team building, trade show or other. This factor will affect every plan laid out for the event. Another crucial element is the type of audience you will be hosting. Depending on age, gender, industry or demographic, your arrangements will have to favour your guests. Whether you are planning on hiring an event planner or planning the event yourself, here are some tips to keep in mind.


Write down a list of things you’ll need for the event. This can be equipment, venues, furniture, tents, catering services, transport services and more depending on your type of event. The next step is to conduct intense research on each of the requirements. When looking into suppliers, list down at least five in each category. As you contact them for details on their services as well as costs and availability, you’ll be able to narrow down to the best two.

Plan and Budget

If your event is RSVP, plan it at least two months earlier. If you are advertising the event to get attendants, then plan it at least three to four months earlier. This factor is also affected by the size of the event. Early planning gives you not only time to have as many people sign up for the event, but also time to get the best services and sort out loopholes.

With research carefully completed, lay out your budget; include a miscellaneous amount to cater for emergencies. After which, book suppliers and sort out contract agreements and any nitty-gritty. Bring together a productive team because you won’t be able to pull this off by yourself.

Cater For Guests

When choosing between indoor and outdoor venues, consider a location that will host all your guests and planned activities without congestion. Hire a coach or minivan and provide transportation to and fro the venue. Depending on the type of event, either recommend hotels and guest houses for stay or pay for their rooms. No matter how brief the event will be, sort out some catering for your guests; from simple snacks like cupcakes and sandwiches with coffee to buffets and barbecues. You can get hog roast caterers for Northampton who work not just private customers but also corporate events and commercial customers. Ensure there is a bite and drinks to keep your guests energized.

After sending out invitations or advertising your event using preferred platforms, perform a final check to ensure everything is perfect. Have a backup plan in case of last-minute blow-ups. Don’t forget to send an email or text reminder a few days to the event to remind guests about the event and give any related information. On the big day, ensure you have a coordinator who’ll ensure the event flows as planned.

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