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Cooking Domesticated and Wild Duck

Duck is a fatty type of meat. That is why a lot of people prefer to purchase the breast since it’s least fatty. Unlike other poultry like chicken and turkey, ducks have dark breasts. This is because their dark muscles store energy for long, sustained movement. The best duck breast recipes use domesticated duck instead of a wild one. A lot of French cooks consider Rouen and Nantes ducks as the best type to cook with.  If you are cooking duck, the tips that you can get in this post should help you produce a mouth-watering dish.

What to Know when Cooking Duck

In general, female ducks are plumper and tastier than male ducks. The younger the duck the tastier it will be in general. When you compare duck to chicken in terms of meat quantity, it tends to have less meat since it has lots of fat that renders off.

Ducks have a couple of small grease glands under their hind end which must be removed as they have a bad, bitter taste. But, when you buy frozen duck in stores, this art has already been trimmed off. For every pound per 450 grams, you need 15 minutes of cooking. For the first twenty minutes, cook the meat at 450 F (230 C). Then, lower the temperature to 350 F (180 C) until the cook is fully cooked.

You must score the duck with a knife so the fat runs off while cooking. Also, this meat must be cooked at a higher temperature for longer than you would other poultry. Usually, it’s best to cook it on a rack to allow the fat to run off without getting soaked up by the meat. The meat produces lots of fat so make sure to use a pan that has a high enough edge to accommodate it. Whatever stuffing you want to cook with duck, cook it separately.

Cooking Wild Duck

Some people say that wild duck is best cooked when jointed and braised instead of roasted. For other people, only the breast is used for the main meal. They will use the rest of the bird as stock and use the leg meat in risottos or pâtés.

It is just important to keep in mind that wild duck should not be cooked like chicken or turkey or even domestic duck. This is because the meat can go dry and stingy. The fat in wild ducks is concentrated in a layer of fat under their skin. Other parts of the duck tend to be lean and dry out when the skin and fat are removed.

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