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Everything You Must Know Before Trying The Michelada!

Not a lot of people know about the michelada, at least in many parts of the world, but tipplers often talk in length about this classic beer cocktail from Mexico. Michelada, for the uninitiated, is a Mexican drink that basically aims to spice up the regular beer. Contrary to what many people believe, it is more than just beer and lime and packs a punch that’s very unique and unlike other cocktails. The good news is you can buy chelada mix online and make the drink at home, and it doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Knowing the michelada better

Making a michelada is super easy. A cold beer mug is salt-rimmed and filled with chilled beer, special michelada mix and lime juice. The spice mix of the michelada is what makes it special than other cocktails that you may have tried so far. It has chilis (yes, you read that right), lime zest that has been dehydrated, and salt. Many brands have their own michelada mix, which often contains a mix of spices that they like to keep secret. Recipes of the drink may vary in different parts of Mexico, but the punch and kick of the drink remain in place.

Trying the drink

Michelada is popular in Mexico all through the year, although it is considered to be more of a summer drink. It’s rather frustrating to enjoy Latin fare without michelada on the menu. Buying the michelada mix needs more attention. There are many companies that sell michelada mixes and special spice blends, but not all are the same. This is a beer cocktail that’s supposed to have that punch through the chilis and enough tanginess because of the lime. Make sure that you create a drink that doesn’t really cheat on the taste of the beer. While any beer can be used for making a michelada, strong beers with stronger spicy notes are often favored by many. Also, it is always wise to use a chilled beer mug or glass for making the michelada. If you don’t have one, ensure there is enough ice.

Buying michelada mixes

Many stores now offer michelada mixes at great prices, and before you buy one, check the directions in advance. The amount of michelada mix required for each drink depends on the spice blend, so do your homework. Also, ensure that the beer brand is at least a known one, and always serve the drink chilled.

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